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It appears to me that modernization in some parts of the inner city of Georgetown in these years has caused the gradual degradation of the beautiful heritage buildings in Penang. Being a Penang boy, it is hard for me not to feel the changes to street scenes of Georgetown since young. Fortunately, heritage conservation efforts have been buffed up since Penang received UNESCO’s recognition as World Heritage alongside Malacca. However, there is still much to do to raise the awareness of pre-war buildings owners in preserving these buildings. Penang food must also be preserved to ensure that the food culture in Penang does not fade away with the passage of time. It concerns me that some famous old restaurants in Penang have had to face the possibility of discontinuation due to lack of commitment from the younger generation.

However, with the joint efforts of Penang heritage conservationists and food lovers, Penang can appear as a modern city without having to lose its heritage and traditions.

Living Penang heritage……..thou shalt never fade away


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